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How To Enable Instagram Dark Mode?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications that enables you to share videos as well as pictures online with people. It is a great platform that provides entertainment for the common people and also provides an advertising platform for the people. You can share your content with your followers, and also select specific people or close friends. It is safe, easy to use, and a great platform for entertainment. You can also view others’ content, videos, and comment on it and see the number of likes. 

We all like to customize all our apps to our own preference and Instagram allows the users to customize many of its features. This has made the users have more and more liking towards this social media application. Nearly everyone is one Instagram nowadays and have started putting up their content on social media so that more and more people can view it and appreciate them. A lot of people have started pages to promote their businesses online on Instagram. You can always find entertainment on Instagram with different kinds of memes, videos, or even a short video feature called the Reels. 

Being able to customize the interface has a lot of benefits, you can arrange and customize the chat themes or the look of your display according to what you want. Some people prefer bright settings with some decorations, some prefer Dark settings without any decoration. These settings also have an effect on our battery usage as well. You can have a non interrupted scrolling session at night, without disturbing others with the light from your screen. It is an easy to use facility that provides you with darker shades like black or grey suitable for your eyes. 

A majority of the teenagers and youngsters scroll at least 5-6 hours aimlessly on Instagram this causes a lot of blue light exposure, and white light can weaken your eyesight. It is the need of the hour to get some kind of protection for our eye health as well as the battery usage of the mobile phone. The researchers say that the dark theme is comparatively safer and less harmful for our eyes. If you are using your gadget in some kind of a dark environment then a darker interface can cause less strain to the eyes.

One of the most popular features is to get a dark mode. Dark mode makes the interface black rather than it being white. People prefer the dark mode because it causes very little stress on the eyes, less exposure to the blue light, and have a better sleep. It is also known to consume a lesser battery because the white pixels from the white interface absorb ore battery than the black pixels in the dark theme
Nowadays a lot of applications have provided their users with the dark mode options, where they can switch the interface to a darker interface.

The Instagram feature for a dark mode was released for Android 10 as well as for iOs 13 users. 

To enable the dark mode on the mobile device using you will need to have the following things

  • An updated Android 10 version or an iOs 13 version of the operating system that you will be using.
  • Updated Instagram application.

For the ios13 users, the way to enable the dark mode are as follows:

Step 1:Make sure you have installed all the updates for iOs 13

Step 2: Go to your device settings

Step 3: Go to the brightness and settings.

Step 4: You can turn on the dark mode there.

Step 5: You can also set it to switch on and off automatically.

Step 6: Launch the Instagram application.

Step 7:Go to your profile.

Step 8Select the menu at the top right 

Step 9:Select the settings

Step 10:Go to themes

Step 11:Select Dark 

Step 12:Now you can enjoy the dark feature on your Instagram interface.

For the Android 10 users, the way to enable the dark mode is given in the below steps:

Step 1:Go to your settings

Step 2:Find the Display and Brightness in your settings.

Step 3:Select the dark theme option.

Step 4:The dark mode will be enabled for many applications

Step 5:You can select Instagram.

Step 6:Launch the Instagram application.

Step 7: Go to your profile.

Step 8:Select the menu at the top right 

Step 9:Select the settings

Step 10:Go to themes

Step 11:Select Dark 

Step 12:Now you can enjoy the dark feature on your Instagram interface.


The dark theme is a very good way of reducing stress on the eyes and on battery usage. This feature is introduced in many apps. Instagram is a very popular platform for content sharing and advertising. Instagram usage for many youngsters and teenagers is more and constant an approximate of 6-7 hours daily and hence to look after your health dark theme is advised. You can easily use the instruction and enable the dark mode, for uninterrupted and harmful long night scrolling.

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