How To Make Your Instagram Account/Profile Private?

Instagram is one of the most famous and trending social media platforms. Where you can get to learn so many things and also you can make new friends. Social media influencing is one of the most trending nowadays and Instagram is one of the largest platforms for it. You can show your talent and skills on Instagram and can be the influencer. Instagram does not affect your privacy and respects it. Instagram also builds a social community and you can share your pictures and videos many more things. This app was purchased in 2012 by the leading social media network Facebook.

Instagram is one of the most amazing apps and it has so many amazing features as you can share, pictures, videos, stickers, audio, gifs, and many more things. Users can write a caption on their pictures and you can also comment on your friends or family photos, etc. Mostly the Instagram users use a lot of hashtags and location-based geotags to them any post and also these make searchable for them by other users.

Every post appears on the Instagram feed. But you can only the people pictures you follow and if you want to explore more Instagram then you must should go to the searchable site of Instagram where you can find different categories of pictures and videos like shopping stuff, fashion stuff and celebrity things, etc. 

On Instagram users can also like someone’s comments or you can also switch off your comment section and delete and edit the post also. Instagram is not only useful for entertaining and fun purposes but you can also use it as a business tool. In this modern period technology is growing faster and the digital I

Business is also growing rapidly.

 Nowadays anyone can start their own business on the net especially on Instagram you can promote your business and can make your business reach high. With this Instagram also boost the page for the business purpose. Many businessmen who use Instagram for promotional purpose.

You can also make your profile public and private. The public account also has security and privacy. 

The following are some steps to make your Instagram Account/Profile private.

Step 1: Download the Instagram app on your phone.

Step 2: For Android users download it from the play store and for iPhone users download the app from the App store.

Step 3: Now open the app.

Step 4: Now go to create an account. If you already have an account just log into the account.

Step 5: Now Instagram will ask for your email id or phone number to fill in the details.

Step 6: Once you logged in go to your feed pictures section.

Step 7: Now on click on your profile.

Step 8: Click on the three lines at the top of the right of your screen.

Step 9: Now click on the settings icon at the last. It looks like a cog. 

Step 10: Now tap on the bottom right of the screen privacy and security option will appear on your screen. Click on that and then turn your account, to private with the help of settings.

You can make settings according to your choice. Because if you want to share your pictures you can make it public again. But if you want to make your account from private to the public you can do that also but the request which is pending in yours.  Automatically it will be accepted and make them your followers. 

What is the New Update of Instagram?

The new Instagram update has so many things changed. The feed now will suggest you some suggestions post that you might like. Other than that the Instagram also brings changes in the Direct messaging systems. Now you can have a different wallpaper and chat colors and has brought amazing filters and stickers that you can share and send to friends. 

There are many more features like Instagram that have introduced reels it means the short videos. Where you can post any short video of yours on any song and dialogues. And it also brings you the different categories this feature was inbuild on Instagram already. Where you can find your category post and videos like food, shop, entertainment, DIY, etc.


Instagram is always going to be the number one platform for sharing pictures because the craziness of this app is beyond richness. There are millions of people who just love the app. Because it gives you a platform to show your skills and talent. If you use this app correctly the app will help you to build your social media personality as well as can build confidence in you. You can also chat with your friends on Instagram through live chat. Where you can come live. 

The app is most popular for teenagers nowadays. Because mostly busy in this app uploading story and pictures. Nowadays things are becoming more and more efficient on mobile because mostly nowadays everything happens on the phones whether it is business or anything else mobile is essential. Instagram is an amazing way to edit your photos and to post them. 

With the above information, you can easily get to know about how can you make your Instagram profile private. Just follow the steps. Because Instagram is easy to use and can you give you a lot of knowledge. You can also know about world politics, world cinema and each and everything about current affairs. Instagram is the perfect way of sharing your pictures and getting knowledge and experience about social media platforms.

Instagram provides you full safety and security and does not share your private information with anyone. It also gives you privacy settings like some stories you just want to share with your close friends you can do that also. If you want to hide someone in your story you can hide them too. With the above guide information, you can easily understand the Instagram settings.